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2016 Presidential Primary gets Legislative green light

The Washington State Legislature has allocated $11,497,000 for a presidential primary in 2016 (SB 6052, page 14). The Legislature passed on a primary in 2012 due to budget concerns.


The default date in state lawis May 23, 2016. Secretary of State Kim Wyman proposed March 8, but that proposal did not pass.


The state Democratic party will use its caucus system to select delegates. The state Republican party will select half of its conference delegates by caucus and half by primary vote.


Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan – but is he enough to win?

Paul Ryan (Photo courtesy U.S. Department of State)


By now we all know Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his VP running mate. Will Ryan help get the GOP to where they need to be come voting time though? This UW Election Eye article makes the case for why Romney should have selected Condoleezza Rice if he wanted to win.


Romney Criticisms of The Affordable Care Act Don’t Add Up

In 2010 the Congress passed and President Obama signed into law new health care legislation that enforces major changes to health care and the health insurance systems in the United States. There are two parts that make up the law. Part one is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The second part is the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. The law covers many changes; primarily it requires that every legal resident must have health insurance but does allow for exceptions.Refusal to have health insurance will result in a per-person tax that starts at $95.00 in 2014, $325 in 2015 and up to $695 when fully phased in.Families will be capped at triple the per-person rate no matter how large the family is. Exemptions exist for low-income persons and hardship cases.

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