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Initiative 1029: Wrap-Up

Initiative 1029 was passed on November 4 2008 by a margin of 45 percent, according to the official website of Washington’s Secretary of State Sam Reed. The official tally showed 72.5 percent voted in favor of the initiative, while 27.5 percent voted against it.  These numbers are close to pre-election polling numbers that indicated 65 percent in favor of the initiative and 20 percent opposed.

What is more significant is that this is the first time in Washington election history that a ballot measure has recieved 2 million votes.  Joe Turner of the thenewstribune.com reports:

Brian Zylstra, spokesman for Secretary of State Sam Reed, made a quick check today.

“I looked back to 1987, and none of them broke 2 million,” Zylstra said.

The measure that got closest was Initiative 297, the one about Hanford cleanup. It received 1,812,581 votes in the 2004 general election.”

Initiative 1029 was backed by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 775, but was also supported by Governor Gregoire and the Western and Central Washington chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

According to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission, The People for Safe Quality Care, the campaign committee for I-1029 raised $992,532 and spent $953,811.  By far the biggest contributor to the campaign was the SEIU 775 which donated over $847,000.

Leading the oppostion was the Community Care Coalition of Washington, which raised $177,917 and spent $166,468 in an effort to defeat I-1029.

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