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Nine Ballot Initiatives For November

In the 2010 election, there are six Initiatives To The People and three referenda on the ballot.

The six initiatives are a form of direct democracy:

  • I-1053: Concerning tax and fee increases imposed by state government.
  • I-1082: Concerning industrial insurance.
  • I-1098: Concerning establishing a state income tax and reducing other taxes.
  • I-1100: Concerning liquor (beer, wine and spirits).
  • I-1105: Concerning liquor (beer, wine and spirits).
  • I-1107: Concerns reversing certain 2010 amendments to state tax laws.

The filing deadline for initiatives was July 2, 2010. According to the Public Disclosure Commission, more than $6.6 million was spent to collect initiative signatures

The three referenda are measures that the state legislature is referring to the people for ratification:


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