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Who Is Really Behind I-1107?

The VoteNo1107 committee claims that Initiative 1107 is the product of the American Beverage Association, a D.C.-based lobbyist for the big soda companies. According to Vote No 1107:

The American Beverage Association has poured more than $14 million into the 1107 campaign and is on track to set a record as the most expensive initiative campaign in Washington State history.  More than 99 percent of the funding behind 1107 comes from the American Beverage Association.

Analysis: Mostly True

According to its web site, ABA was founded in 1919 as the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages and was renamed the National Soft Drink Association in 1966. ABA provides a “unified voice in legislative and regulatory matters.” Active members include both Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola.

The ABA is the primary financial sponsor of the Yes on 1107 campaign; through the month of October, ABA has contributed more than $16.5 million. According to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission, 98.4% of “Stop the Beverage and Food Tax Hikes” Committee’s $16,772,107.38 contributions have come from the ABA.

The Secretary of State lists the sponsor of the initiative as Timothy G. Martin. Martin’s business is an active member of the ABA but not he is not listed as an employee or officer.

Sponsor Public Contact Information:
50 Schouweiler Tracts Rd E
Elma, WA 98541
Phone: 360-482-4820

This address is for Harbor Pacific Bottling, Inc, an independent Pepsi-Cola bottling franchise that is an active member of the ABA. Tim Martin, the president of Harbor Pacific Bottling, is also the president of the Washington Beverage Association, a state association affiliated with ABA. According to the PDC, the Washington Beverage Association is the 45th top contributor to 2010 legislative candidates (Google cache).

The Voter Guide Statement was prepared by the following people:

  • Ed & Roxanne Husmann, Farmers, Ed’s Apples, Sultan
  • Marc Wallace, Grocery Store Manager, Baker’s Corner Store, Longview
  • James Connelly, Owner, Lodi Water Company, Chewelah
  • Tim Martin, President, Harbor Pacific Bottling, Elma (active member of the ABA and president of Washington Beverage Association, a state association member of ABA.)
  • Pierson Clair, President, Brown & Haley, Makers of Almond Roca
  • Terri Jean Racy, Grocery Store Owner, Aeneas Valley General Store, Tonasket

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