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Pro I-1107 Commercial Claim Debunked

Earlier this month, King 5′s Ad Watch took a closer look at a Stop the Food and Beverage Tax Hikes TV commercial that claims the state legislature increased taxes on chili and blueberry pancakes. Their findings? False.

In their analysis, King 5′s Robert Mak explains:

Commercial: “Even worse, they put new taxes on food products made by Washington companies, like locally made chili and pancake mix, but not on similar products made by their competitors in other states or countries.”

If you buy any of these products (chili or pancake mix), there’s no new sales tax that you, the consumer, would pay at the grocery store today. What this ad refers to, is that some of these manufactuers pay business taxes to the state because they do business and have a plant in Washington.


Bottom line: The makers of blueberry pancake mix have always paid the higher business and occupation tax rate. And the state says they’re paying the same today as they always have. And that’s why the claim in the commercial is false.

Learn more about Initiative 1107.

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