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Polls Show Voter Support For Same-Sex Marriage, Marijuana Legalization

A Public Policy Polling survey this month found majority support (51-42 percent) for “marriage equality” as well as support for a measure to regulate and legalize marijuana.

When asked specifically about same-sex marriage:

  • 47 percent were in favor
  • 30 percent preferred the current law (civil unions)
  • 21 percent opposed legal recognition of same-sex couple marriage

R-74 and I-1192 are two different ways that same-sex marriage opponents are seeking to overturn Washington’s same-sex marriage law signed into law in February.

For I-502,  50 percent expressed support; 37 percent of those polled were opposed and 12 percent were undecided.

PPP automated-telephone interview survey reached 1,073 Washington voters from June 14-17, resulting in a margin of error of +/-3.0%. The poll was not paid for or authorized by any campaign or political organization.


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