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Six Measures Appear Slated For Ballot

The signature deadline for 2012 ballot measures was Friday July 6. We can now say that Washington voters will see six statewide measures on the ballot in November. And the two most controversial measures are not your garden variety initiative to the people.

The first high-profile measure is a referendum on the state’s marriage act. In a legislative referendum of this nature, those opposing a bill can place a new law on a ballot for the voters to endorse or veto. 

The second high-profile measure, which was certified in January, would decriminalize marijuana. The Legislature did not act on the initiative, which moved the measure to the ballot.

Two are legislatively-referred constitutional amendments. Only Delaware reserves the power to amend the state constitution to the state legislature; all other states have some form of citizen validation.

Finally, there are two traditional initiative measures.

  • I-1185, Son of 1053 (2/3 vote for tax increases)
  • I-1240, Washington Charter School Initiative


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