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I-1240 Has Only A Handful of Contributors

As of July 14, 2012, the “Yes on I-1240″ campaign had raised $2,316,590.91, according to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission. Most of that was spent getting signatures on the ballot; current expenses were $2,174,400.81.

The campaign might be more accurately named the Microsoftie/Amazon Millionaires Initiative:

  1. Tom and Karen Vander Ark: $2,000 (Gates Foundationonline learning company)
  2. Ali and Hadi Partovi: $50,000 (Ali, LinkExchange – acquired by Microsoft; Hadi, Microsoft Group Program Manager for Internet Explorer)
  3. Benjamin W. Slivka: $100,000 (14 years at Microsoft, launched Internet Explorer team)
  4. Paul Allen: $100,000 (Microsoft et al)
  5. Reed Hastings: $175,000 (CEO Netflix, Microsoft Board)
  6. Nick Haneuer: $200,000 (AvenueA/aQuantive – acquired by Microsoft)
  7. Mike and Jackie Bezos: $450,000 (parents of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos)
  8. Bill Gates: $1,000,000 (Microsoft et al)

Sub-totalMicrosoft-related: $1,627,000
Sub-totalMicrosoft and Amazon-related: $2,077,000


I-1240 contributions

I-1240 contributions

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