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Pride Foundation Ad Features Seattle-Area Republican

Many of the tweets in my timeline Friday complained that NBC had delayed the broadcast of the opening of the Olympics. But supporters of Referendum 74 may have applauded that decision. That’s because the Pride Foundation kicked off its Why Marriage Matters Washington public education campaign with that broadcast.

R-74, a statewide measure on the November ballot, asks Washington voters to endorse or reject a bill passed and signed in February. The legislation would allow same sex couples to marry; current state law supports civil partnerships.

However, this ad does not call out the referendum by name. It features Republican State Senator Cheryl Pflug (R-5, Maple Valley). She was one of four Republicans voting yes when SB 6239 passed 28-21.

I know a number of lesbian and gay couples that have been together for 40 years.

I saw in these couples love, commitment, a sharing of a life together. Everything that makes for a good marriage.

Everybody wants to say “this is the person that I love” and stand up and have a ceremony with their family and friends.

As a Republican, I believe in freedom. And that includes the freedom to marry the person you love.

The other Republicans voting yes were Sen. Steve Litzow (R-41, Mercer Island), Sen. Joe Fain (R-47, Auburn) and Sen. Andy Hill (R-45, Redmond). Litzow has also endorsed the campaign:

During the floor debate in February, Pflug positioned the bill in a historical context:

She said that “one of the things I love about Americans is our ability to look at ourselves and ask: are we doing all we (can) … Can we do better and grow?”

And she called attention to a time when “men looked at women and saw chattel” and to another when “one race looked at another and saw slaves.”

The Pride Foundation is a Northwest LGBTQ Community Foundation. There are two campaigns supporting same-sex marriage: Washington United for Marriage, which specifically supports R-74, and Why Marriage Matters Washington, which is a public education campaign.

In February, the National Organization for Marriage pledged $250,000 to defeat Republicans who voted for the bill. Preserve Marriage Washington opposes the referendum.



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