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2012 Election

The supporting MCDM course is offered summer quarter in 2012, rather than fall. Students are writing for both FactCheckWA and UWElectionEye, a project with the Seattle Times. Fall quarter participation will be internship credit instead of course credit.

Who are the contributors?

  • Amber Cortes (Cohort 12)
  • Doralicia Garay (Cohort 11)
  • Eric Burgess (Cohort 9)
  • Jill Oviatt (Cohort 11)
  • Joseph Howell (Cohort 12)
  • Linda Jacobson (Cohort 11)
  • Mariana Llamas-Cendon (Cohort 11)

2012 Archives

Blog posts

The project was overseen by Kathy E. Gill, faculty in the UW Department of Communication.

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