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Initiatives and Referenda

In Washington State, initiatives to the people are submitted for a vote at the next state general election if the Secretary of State certifies that the initiative has sufficient signatures. The Washington State Legislature can put a measure to the people for ratification/veto; these are known as referendum measures. In addition, the Legislature can place proposed laws or constitutional amendments before the voters; these are known as referendum bills.

In the 2012 election, there are three initiatives to the people and three referenda:

The 2011 election saw the passage of I-1183, which privatized the sale of liquor.

In the 2010 election, there were six initiatives to the people and three referenda:

  • I-1053: Concerning tax and fee increases imposed by state government : Passed
  • I-1082: Concerning industrial insurance  : Defeated
  • I-1098: Concerning establishing a state income tax and reducing other taxes  : Defeated
  • I-1100: Concerning liquor (beer, wine and spirits)  : Defeated
  • I-1105: Concerning liquor (beer, wine and spirits)  : Defeated
  • I-1107: Concerns reversing certain 2010 amendments to state tax laws : Passed
  • R-52: concerns the state issuing general obligation bonds for education
  • Engrossed Substitute House Joint Resolution - HJR-4220 : would authorize courts to deny bail for offenses punishable by the possibility of life in prison
  • Senate Joint Resolution – SJR-2225 : concerns the limit on the state debt

In the 2008 election, there were three initiatives to the people.

  • I-985 : RE transportation/HOV : Defeated
  • I-1000 : Death With Dignity : Passed
  • I-1029 :  RE senior care givers and home nurses : Passed

Initiatives and referenda history and statistics from the Washington Secretary of State.

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