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2010: I-1082 (Industrial Insurance)

Results: Initiative 1082 was soundly defeated — 59.09% – 40.91%. Despite millions of dollars coming in from the insurance industry, Washington continues to buck the national trend of privatizing government functions (see also: Initiatives 1100 and 1105).

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In Plain English: Currently all industry insurance policy (commonly known as “Workers Compensation”)  is managed by the State of Washington. This initiative would change how workers comp is administrated in Washington by allowing private insurance companies to operate in the state.

The Pros: Washington State’s current policy is monopolistic and anti-competitive. By allowing private insurance to administer workers comp in Washington, workers will receive better service and will pay no premiums for this insurance resulting in higher pay for workers. Website: www.saveourjobswa.com

The Cons: Private insurance companies are profit based and have no reason to support workers injured on the job. This legislation was written and proposed by the insurance lobby and allows for almost no regulatory oversight – meaning rates, policies and payments can be adjusted with little or no recourse for workers. Website: www.voteno1082.com

Official initiative text: http://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/initiatives/text/i1082.pdf



Media Endorsements

  • The Seattle TImes
  • The Spokesman Review
  • The Tacoma News
  • The Centralia Chronicle
  • The Everett Herald
  • The Wenatchee World

Media Opposition

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