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Initiative 1100 and Initiative 1105 — either or both — would end the outdated, cumbersome and anti-free-enterprise monopoly that our state holds over liquor sales.”

The Columbian

“I-1105 will privatize state liquor sales, but keeps the Liquor Control Board intact and able to focus on preventing underage consumption and general overconsumption, as well as making sure there isn’t a massive expansion of liquor retail outlets. Under Initiative 1105, licenses to sell spirits will only go to qualified retailers who meet stringent requirements through a licensing application process.”

Rep. Al O’Brien

“I-1105 will boost state revenue by at least $100 million over the next five years by reforming state liquor sales laws to allow for private retailers to sell spirits in Washington state. The additional revenue could be used to help narrow the gap on the state’s $2.8 billion deficit and be used for critical services such as education and public safety.”

Liquor Reform

“Only eight states in the country operate and control liquor distribution and sales the way Washington state does. The state’s monopoly system was created just after prohibition and is long overdue for reform so the state can get out of the liquor business and back to providing critical government services.”

Liquor Reform

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