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I-1105: Endorsements/Opposition (Media)

Media Endorsements

Media Opposition

  • Federal Way Mirror
    I-1100 would make it easier for big chains to sell liquor, whereas I-1105 would concentrate additional power in the hands of distributors. These initiatives would wipe out critical regulations that provide a level playing field for small businesses and local brewers. Police officers and firefighters are concerned that violence, alcohol-related accidents and underage drinking will become much worse. The closure of state liquor stores would jeopardize 1,000 jobs.
  • The Stranger
    It gets rid of both the state’s liquor markup and taxes, meaning that if Eyman’s I-1053 passes—that’s the one that effectively prevents the legislature from raising taxes—the state would lose all liquor-tax revenues for at least two years at a time when money is tight. That would devastate some good programs. It would also require a distributor middleman for all booze sales forever—essentially shifting the monopoly from the state to the hands of private distributors. So vote no on I-1105.

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