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2010: I-1107 (Candy Tax)

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This measure would reverse certain 2010 amendments to state tax laws. This would end the sales tax on candy and the temporary sales tax on some bottled water. The measure would also end temporary excise taxes on certain carbonated beverages, not including alcoholic beverages or carbonated bottled water. It would also reduce tax rates for processors of certain foods.

Explanatory Statement
Sales of some products are exempt from the sales tax, including the sale of food and food ingredients. Until 2010, food and food ingredients included candy and bottled water.

In 2010, the legislature amended the law to remove candy from the sales tax exemption for food and food ingredients. Candy became subject to the sales tax effective June 1, 2010. Candy is defined as a preparation of sugar, honey, or other sweeteners in combination with chocolate, fruits, nuts, or other ingredients or flavorings in the form of bars, drops, or pieces. Candy does not include products that contain flour or require refrigeration.

In 2010, the legislature amended the law to remove bottled water from the sales tax exemption for food and food ingredients. Bottled water became subject to the sales tax effective June 1, 2010, and ending July 1, 2013.

In 2010, the legislature enacted an excise tax on the sale of certain carbonated beverages sold in the state. The tax took effect July 1, 2010, and expires on July 1, 2013. The carbonated beverages subject to this tax are nonalcoholic beverages that are naturally or artificially carbonated, and contain caffeine, extracts, fruit juice, herbs, sweeteners, or syrup.

From Washington Secretary of State Online Voters Guide

Proponents of I-1107 seek to repeal the taxes on food and beverage items to save Washington families money and because they believe it does not make sense as to what is and is not taxed.

  • These taxes on bottled water, soda, candy and processed foods containing meat, fruits and vegetables will cost Washington consumers and businesses more than $300 million over the next three years.

Supporters: Ed & Roxanne Husmann, Farmers, Ed’s Apples, Sultan; Marc Wallace, Grocery Store Manager, Baker’s Corner Store, Longview;James Connelly, Owner, Lodi Water Company, Chewelah; Tim Martin, President, Harbor Pacific Bottling, Elma; Pierson Clair, President, Brown & Haley, Makers of Almond Roca; Terri Jean Racy, Grocery Store Owner, Aeneas Valley General Store, Tonasket.

Web site: StopGroceryTaxes.com

Opponents of I-1107 seek to maintain the current tax as it is temporary, only taxes non-essential food items and the money will support health care, education and other state services.

  • 1107 strips $300 million that funds schools, kids’ health and other basic services by eliminating small, mostly temporary taxes on non-essential items like gum, soda and candy.
  • The taxes on candy and soda were a part of a balanced solution to the economic crisis, which included $4 in cuts for every $1 in new revenue.

Opponents: Nyda Galbreath, First grade teacher, Board member, Washington Education Association;Dr. Jeffrey Smith, Medical Director, Community Health Care, Pierce County; Laura Hitchcock, Executive Director, Washington State Public Health Association;Doug Shadel, President, AARP of Washington, Tara Lerew, Registered Nurse, Paola Maranan, Executive Director, Children’s Alliance.

Web site: VoteNo1107.com

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