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I-1107 – Con

The 2010 Soda Challenge

Vote No 1107 Leaf blower Ad

AARP Washington

I-1107 would repeal a small – and mostly temporary – targeted tax on non-essential items like candy, soda, bottled water and gum. The national lobby for the big soda companies has already poured more than $14 million into pushing this initiative – the most money in Washington state history. Don’t be fooled by their deceptive campaign, there is no food or grocery tax in Washington.

The Tacoma News Tribune

Editorial by Sam Fitzgerald and Jeff Smith, M.D.

If I-1107 is approved, health coverage for poor children and uninsured adults, maternity support for low-income women with high-risk pregnancies, and other crucial services will face cuts. As will all-day kindergarten for low-income children and funding to reduce class sizes in grades K-4.

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