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I-1107 – Pro

According to voteyeson1107.com, 1107 repeals the costly and arbitrary new tax hikes on thousands of common food and beverage products. These new or higher taxes will cost Washington consumers more than $300 million over the next three years, and they make no sense. While thousands of items are subject to new or higher taxes, other similar products are exempt.

Below is a selection of opinions and endorsements from newspapers around the state:

Tri-City Herald

“The tax is arbitrary at best. It was hurriedly passed and adopted a strange federal standard that sets flour as the deciding factor between candy and food. Hence, Twinkies are classified as food — try to explain that to your nutritionist.”

Everett Herald – By Ed and Roxanne Husmann

“The politicians publicly acknowledged they made that mistake. Then they let it stand — even though it puts small local bottlers at a competitive disadvantage, at a time when they are already struggling to make ends meet.”

The Columbian

“As a result of this confusing and arbitrary legislation, a Snickers bar is taxable but a Twix bar is not. Marshmallow pieces are taxable, but marshmallow cream is exempt. Chocolate-covered raisins are taxable, but chocolate malted milk balls are not. Imagine the hair-pulling aggravation that grocers and other store owners have endured trying to enforce this law.”

Yakima Herald

“Amid retailer confusion, the state Department of Revenue issued a list of 11,300 products that are taxable and 1,300 candies that are not. An example: “Marshmallow pieces are taxable, but marshmallow cream is exempt.” Store owners and employees should be exempt from memorizing a list of 11,300 taxable candies.”

In short: The problem with this tax isn’t the tax itself – it’s the way this tax scheme has been implemented. Voting for this initiative will force the legislature to rewrite and reconsider how a tax on soda and candy impacts local businesses and manufacturers.


Vote Yes on I-1107

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