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Referendum Bill 52 : Endorsements/Opposition (Media)

Media Endorsements

  • Publicola
    We shouldn’t leverage $505 million to get $2 billion in education spending, because if we do, we’ll have a little bit less money to spend on education? Seriously? Thirty thousand jobs, better schools, and energy savings. No-Brainer. PubliCola picks Yes on R-52.
  • The Stranger
    The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council estimates that every dollar the state spends will be leveraged to bring in another three dollars from other sources. All told, that will create 30,000 new jobs, according to the state’s Office of Financial Management. Vote to approve R-52.

Media Opposition

  • The (Vancouver) Columbian
    The fatal flaw: R-52 would make permanent the sales tax on bottled water. Even if it’s temporary, that’s a bad tax; it would be even worse as a permanent fixture in the state tax scheme.

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    [...] Media: editorials have been pulled on to their own page. Excerpts would be good: see RB52. [...]

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