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I-1183 : Opponents

Editorial Opposition

  • The Olympian:   “When voters receive their ballot, they must ask themselves, “What problem is Initiative 1183 trying to solve?” In our opinion, I-1183 creates problems by increasing liquor outlets, increasing consumption with the potential to increase teen drinking, and alcohol-related collisions and violence. Vote “no” on Initiative 1183.”
  • The (Tacoma) News Tribune:   “The downsides are self-evident: Drunken driving, alcoholism, domestic violence, cirrhosis of the liver and other diseases, higher health care costs and on and on…Washington state does seem stuck in a post-Prohibition, New Deal regime of liquor regulation. Having reconsidered the alternatives, we’re just fine with that.”

Other Media Opposition

  • The Daily Evergreen:   “We are doubtful of the argument that I-1183 will continue to provide revenue sources for state and local governments. This is an experimental initiative at a time when the economy is not suitable for experimentation. We are also skeptical of the argument that I-1183 will allow customers to pay less for hard-liquor. In the short-term, yes, but we fully expect companies to raise their prices in the future – just as they do with all their other products.”
  • The Pacific Northwest Inlander:   “If I-1183 is passed, big-box retailers would be given a big edge over small businesses. In fact, only retailers with 10,000 square feet and above would be allowed to sell hard alcohol. That’s the problem with having interested parties write public policy — they inevitably pick winners and losers. And we have too much to lose on this one.”

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