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2008: I-1000

Washington’s I-1000, the “Death With Dignity” initiative, makes it legal for a terminally ill person to take a lethal dose of drugs under medical supervision.

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Supporting Organizations (as reported by YesOn1000.org) Include:
  • ACLU of Washington
  • American Medical Women’s Association
  • American Medical Student Association
  • Death with Dignity National Center
  • Libertarian Party of Washington
  • Northwest Women’s Law Center
  • Progressive Party of Washington
  • Washington State Public Health Association
  • YesOn1000.org
Opposing Organizations (as reported by No On I-1000) Include:
  • American Association of People with Disabilities
  • Facebook Group:¬†Coalition Against Assisted Suicide
  • Justice for All
  • No On I-1000
  • Washington State Medical Association
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